Saturday, January 30, 2010


As prospective teachers, hopefully we are not entering this career just for the money but because we care and want to make a difference in this thing called 'education'. Everyday we hear multiple stories about children who are underestimated, discriminated and disrespected by their teachers because of maybe a disability, race, socioeconomic background and the list goes on and on. However, i believe, that every child is special, unique and blessed in their own little way connected with their divine purpose in life. Instead of looking down on them and speaking negative words to them, if no one else does it, as teachers we must be agents of change, happiness and positivity. We must take that resonsibility to speak and encourage positive things into each aspect of their lives. As servants we should serve as humbly as we know how. Effort is essential and its only when we show effort in helping these children, and young people that they will truly change. This movement will result in less conflict and school violence, because before they even bring their thoughts into actions, some positive word which has influenced their being will register again in their thoughts and actions will be different. Let us be DIFFERENT!!!!!

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