Sunday, January 31, 2010

Educational Software 1 is an exceptional website which produces excellent and stimulating activities for learners of all ages. Among the lists of software, there was one particular program which caught my eye. School Zone Flash Action Reading Readiness is an electronic workbook and more. This program is one which glues beginning reading skills with interactive activities and fun games. A proven curriculum, audio guidance and clear examples are what assist children with their preparation for reading success. Designed for children between the ages 4 to 6, Reading Readiness, a tutorial program monitors every child's progress through assessing their ability to classify, and understanding of the ABC order to rhyming words and opposites. It also increases, establishes and expands a child's vocabulary, sequencing, visual discrimination and encourages eye-hand coordination. This program is deemed relevant and useful for children, whether home-schooled or in the general classroom as it allows each child to learn and work independently, and develops each child to become critical thinkers by generating new questions and activities. Can it get any better? Of course!!! Reading Readiness not only provides and incorporates fun with learning, but as stated earlier, does not hesitate to keep up with the progress of the child which helps in developing an all-round individual who is well versed and is able to not only read well but use appropriate vocabulary and concepts when needed.

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