Sunday, March 14, 2010

Educational Software 3

In my decision to be a Early Childhood teacher, my focus has changed. I now look for software, programs and examples that will help me be a better teacher, which results in producing great students. Though they are 'tiny tots' as I call them, they all express themselves in different ways. Mostly, through the love of art. Browsing through the internet for software tools that will assist my future students, I came across Interestingly, to my surprise, I came across an exciting software tool named Krazy Art Room. Just like one particular school of thought (Vygotsky), expressed, that children learn best when they are able to explore and learn on their own. Art, I believe, is a form of exploration and helping students be open-minded and unique in their delivery of work. This problem-solving and tutorial program is designed to help students express their creativity and artistic talents. It can be described as a 'Photoshop' for students. Catering for children of all ages, it is easy to use, has many exciting features, high quality graphics and editing features that allows students to create original and visual images. Not to mention, it builds self-esteem which in turn will give them that desire to do better if their first try is not of their best. I will recommend this software as a relaxation tool for any parent, guardian or teacher. When viewing the video posted at the end, one will even find that this program deals with each level and encourages progression, growth and development.

Link to video: This is a link of a student using Krazy Art to do a project. Observe the progress of each piece of art.


  1. i tried the link but was unable to find Krazy Art Room, at least not easily. the description of it you provided though seems very exciting.

  2. I enjoyed your blog. Seen AAW